Nov 182015


New for us this year are Rossignol Back Country Skis, to compliment our old favorites by Madshus. All are partial or full edged skis for skiing ‘Out your Back Door’ on the local fields, logging roads and back country terrain, we are so lucky to have, moments away, here in Vermont.

We start with a couple models of ‘skinny skis’, one waxable and one no wax, that are designed for track style skiing at a touring center, like our local “Mt Top” or “Mountain Meadows” ski touring centers. All the others, are full edged, no wax skis, with considerable more width, for stability in the back country, logging roads, the Catamount Trail, and the rougher terrain most of us are skiing, ‘out the back door’. We have many ski widths … and boot models, by Alpina, Rossignol, and Scott, to fit YOUR type of skiing style. Call us or come in for a quote! Snow will be on the ground soon, and you ‘gotta be ready’ the day it gets here, as conditions can change overnight! Get ready to ski back country!

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