Feb 022016


This is a cool shot of Stratton, to the South, from the top of Killington. Peter is at Stratton this week for our annual chance to test all next years new skis, boots, and bindings. Manufacturers Reps from across the northeast gather to show off their gear and get the dealers to try them out. (Hoping for orders!) It’s always a fun event to see what’s new and spend the day trying new equipment.

The weather is supposed to be heavy rain and high winds, so it will be an interesting day to try to keep dry.  The industry just dosn’t seem to get a break this year. We are still hoping for a good turn around for February and March which are….traditionally the snowiest months of the year. There’s still lots of good skiing to be had. Pico was the best of the season last Sunday. They opened the Pike with nice deep mounds of soft , edge-able, man  made snow that was awesome! The sun even came out, and it was 40 degrees, it was delightful! Good friends and great turns!


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