BD Ascension Climbing Skins



Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Skins $159.95
Climbing Skins. From quick, powerful laps in the early dawn to side-country forays, Ascension skins climb the steep in search of the deep with total confidence.The distinct Orange Plush combined with our easiest and most versatile system. Durable Orange Plush material is controllable in windy conditions yet supple enough for easy packability. Adjustable tails allow 10 cm of length adjustment. Adjustable tip attachment to fit a wide range of ski tip shapes. Available in 15 mm increments from 65 mm to 140 mm.

Sizes and Prices:

65 mm $139.95

80 mm $149.95

95 mm $149.95

110 mm $159.95

125 mm $159.95

140 mm $169.95

We stock 65mm – 140 mm

Peter K. is the East’s most expert ‘Skinning’ specialist, and custom shapes 50+ pair of skins a season. To ‘Tele’ as well as ‘Alpine’ skis. Our staff can ‘set you up’ with the correct skin size to fit your ski and teach you how to use them.