2017 Rossignol Experience 88 HD Ski

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The all-mountain benchmark for expert all-mountain skiers, the new EXPERIENCE 88 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, powerful freeride feel. The finely-tuned fusion of our patented Carbon Alloy Matrix, Air Tip, and Auto Turn Rocker technologies delivers high-definition precision with effortless versatility across all terrain and snow conditions. The entire mountain awaits – experience more.

Experience 88 HD is essentially the flagship model in Rossignol’s Experience collection of all mountain skis. While it’s not the widest and doesn’t use any metal in its construction like the biggest ski in the line, the Experience 100 HD, the 88 is very popular and chances are you’ve seen them out on your local slopes. It’s a ski that’s intended to be used by advanced and expert skiers and draws a lot of design influences from carving skis.

While the shape is largely derived from carving skis (or even race skis), the construction is quite different. We see a lot of skis in this category using a wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal; a construction technique that’s borrowed almost directly from the race world and has become quite prevalent in high end all mountain skis. Rossignol, however, has developed their own material called Carbon Alloy Matrix. Chances are you’ve seen us talking about this material before, but it’s essentially a woven grid of carbon fiber and basalt that provides similar performance benefits as metal, but isn’t as heavy. This material combined with the ski’s poplar wood core gives it solid torsional stiffness, which translates to excellent edge grip. It also is designed to add in some stability and damping, although not quite in the same sense as sheets of metal.


  • All-mountain ski with a penchant for carving
  • Nimble 88mm waist initiates quick turns on firm snow
  • Auto Turn Rocker with plenty of camber for edging
  • Poppy poplar wood core with stiff, light carbon laminates
  • Sandwich construction includes durable sidewalls
  • Rossi’s popular honeycomb Air Tip for amplified shock absorption

Tech Specs

164cm, 172cm, 180cm, 188cm
135 / 88 / 124mm
Turn Radius


SALE SIZE: 172 only   (Apr 15)