Michael Dolsey Bam Bam 10′ + 10’8 Stand Up Paddle Boards

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Michael Dolsey Designs is your best choice for surfboards, paddleboards and accessories. Our innovative designs will help make your watersports experience successful and enjoyable. Since 1991, we have been providing boardsports products to dealers, camps and lesson providers.  

Bam Bam – is our polycarbonate (PC) skinned SUP. Polycarbonate is very durable and makes our Bam Bam more durable thn most other SUPs . The Bam Bam is our most popular SUP, and comes with many advanced features, like our polycarbinate skin, a concave deck, carbon fiber rails, and more . This SUP works wel for fitness class instructors , YOGA instructors, tour companies, paddle surfers, and tour operarors. The Bam Bam has a nice glide that comes from the shape and foiling. Stability is increased by our width and concave deck design. A 5 fin system allows for best tracking options. Customers love this SUP . The Bam Bam was highlighted in the media in an ad by Lulu Lemon fitness wear. I surf on an 8’8″ bam bam in world class surf ,and it performs great, and is a wave catcher. Bam Bams come standard with wood veneer top and bottom, a Q5 fin system, one center and 4-side fins to allow ultimate control flexibility. There is a gasing air vent check valve, 8-gear PFD tie down plugs, 2-camera mount plugs, a leash plug, and 3-piece multi-tone traction pad.

Bam bam
8’8″x30″ 10’0″x33 10’8″x 33.5″ 11’4″x34″
Seafoam, White, Aqua, Carbon, Rasta, Pink

BAM BAM … what you want !!

Why Dolsey SUPs ? Stability Performance Durability
Michael Dolsey Designs paddle boards will help you be successful and confident with you SUPing experience. .
Our construction and designs make our paddleboards more stable at size. For learning, to training, to recreation ….


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