2012 Black Diamond Aspect

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Tour Series Skis
Classic, lightweight touring skis specializing in long, efficient approaches and technical mountain skiing.
A wide-bodied, lightweight alpine touring ski, the aspect has the girth to float in soft snow and an aggressive sidecut for quick, slicing turns on firm snow.

– Deep sidecut, traditional camber and a 90 mm waist for high-performance skiing, from out-of-bounds forays to long-distance backcountry projects
– Semi-rocker tip, full camber and flat tail for easy trail breaking and skiing in variable conditions
– Wider and with a more traditional contavt length and touring ski shape
– Lightweight paulownia wood core surrounded by Torsion Box construction, plus carbon fiber reinforcements
– Optimal use: 50% Soft Snow / 50% Hard Snow

Dimensions: 130-90-117


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