Stand Up Paddle Boards


“SUP” … Stand Up Paddle Boards is a new category for us. It’s quiet, it’s relaxing, it’s challenging, and it’s fun!

We carry Michael Dolsey Paddle Boards, from Virginia. Michael  has a background in surfing so really knows board shapes and has perfected a beautiful, lightweight series of boards that are super stable and fun.

We recommend the Michael Dolsey BAM BAM : a Poly/Carb, Wood Veneer Board with Carbon Fiber Rails. It’s a lightweight 40 lbs, durable, and super stable for cruising around on anything from a flat lake to ocean surf.

We also carry the Michael Dolsey GLIDER : a Plastic board designed to be more durable for use around the family camp. It can take a little more abuse in case the kids drag it up on shore, run into the dock, or each other!



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