Jun 122015
PK bike


We call him “Lucky!”

He quotes ” I’ll be back!”

Mostly we feel happy, relieved, so blessed, and lucky! He’s okay!

3 weeks ago Peter was doing a hill climb on his rode bike when he was hit by a car going 50 mph!
He was fully unconscious, woke up in the ambulance and was transported to RRMC. He had multiple trauma injuries, 7 fractures, but luckily no internal injuries, and no surgeries.
He was lucky! He aced it out of the hospital in just 3 days. He did amazing! We give RRMC 10 stars for their exceptional care!

3 weeks later he is back to work, limited hours, on crutches, with a cast up to his elbow. Making awesome progress, considering!

We THANK our friends and family for all the calls, cards, food, work, caring and concern. We appreciate your love so much.

We will resume our regular hours as soon as we are able.

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