Nov 202014



Above is our longtime Killington Patrol buddy, Vern, working hard to get the mountain in shape, they do a lot of trouble shooting around the mountain these days to get the surface conditions skiable. Monday’s rainstorm was a bit bleak after the stellar conditions over the weekend. We didn’t loose too much cover, but boy did it firm it up! It was hard and a bit teeth chattering Wednesday pm, not exactly icy, but firm and unforgiving.  The cover is full width and length top to bottom, no rocks or grass anywhere. It was fun to be out skiing, but cold and hard compared to my first day. Not quite as ‘user friendly’.

Snow making has a bunch ( I think 200) of new snow guns that are putting out a huge amount of snow. Much more efficient, requiring  much less water and air. And they are quiet! What a pleasure! The temps have been really cold, so they are making good head way to resurface the hard surface after the rain as well as get a lot of new terrain open for the holiday week coming up. So far the 3 trails, Rime, Reason, and Upper Dipper on North Ridge are open, Snowdon has Upper Bunny, Mouse, Middle Chute, Mouse Trap and Lower Bunny open. They opened East Fall today and it’s looking like they will get Ram’s Head and maybe Skyelark by next week.

Come skiing! It is so fun to be out! Challanging, exhilarating, skillful, and fun comraderie that makes us all love skiing.


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