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We have a nice selection of  kayaks now on SALE.

Summer is just mid way through, and there are two more months of paddling pleasure for those of us lucky enough to love being out on the water.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing from a kayak….

We have several models in camo colors, perfect for men to fish from. We recommend a little longer kayak, in the 12 to 14 ft range, for men who are 160  – 200+ lbs.  They get better  flotation,  better foot room, better buoyancy, better stability, better tracking, better glide, and a better ride.

Bigger boats are more seaworthy in choppy water, and larger bodies of water.  If your boat length is too small,  you will just bob around like a cork, waddling across the water, as opposed to cruising with speed and comfort. Men need a boat their size!  ( NOT the same size as their wives!)

Same with LITTLE women…

We have several boats on sale, made especially with smaller women in mind. For the same reason, they fit better, the cockpit is smaller, the width is narrower, they are lighter.  The weight is under 40 lbs so they are a more reasonable weight to try to load and unload by themselves. We even have paddles with a ‘small shaft’ to fit small hands, to make paddling easier and more comfortable for women.

We have a performance polyurethane boat by Perception in a 10 ft length, called the Tribute, that weighs 36. lbs , with a super comfortable, adjustable seat, and waterproof rear hatch.

As well as,  several beautiful models in a polycarbonate material by Hurricane, that are nice and light, a bit stiffer, glossy finish, very stable, and weigh only 33.5  lbs for the 10 ft, and 36.5  for an 11.6 ft boat. They glide through the water so much more effortless than a basic plastic boat. They are a pleasure to paddle.

Come check out what we have left on Sale!


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