Nov 162014

PK Day 4 / JK Day 1
Killington opened to the bottom yesterday and the skiing today was great! The first day for me and conditions were variable throughout the mountain. The Glades were hard and fast with some very firm patches, icy but edge able, but fun to start out skiing hard and confident. We stayed up top for the first 4/5 runs after being warned the lower mountain was wet and sticky. By the time we got over to Snowdon it was skied in, soft and beautiful snow with a few wet snow guns to watch out for. We did 3 or 4 runs on Upper Bunny, MouseTrap and Middle Chute, all were fully covered with soft super fun nice snow. The box was running as well as the North Ridge  and Snowdon Triples.

After a couple of hours of nice skiing it got very busy around 11:00 and was just the right time to quit for a great first day. So it’s definitely worth the trip up to ski this week, with a half dozen runs open with really great skiing. We may get a little rain tomorrow night but the rest of the week looks cold. Ski season is here! Yea Us!


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