Oct 262016

The mountain got 5 1/2 inches of snow Sunday and several more snow squalls through in the past couple of days and nights to make it really look like winter. They opened yesterday afternoon to passholders and we heard it was a little rough, and tough to negotiate, as the first day always is. Nothing like a good blast of wet snow guns, iced up goggles, and clothing, and the roar of the snow guns to introduce the season! even a free hat and a free lunch! Ha!

The usual 2 runs on the Glades ( Northridge Triple)  are open top to bottom. Lots of ‘stair climbs’ required. I will have an updated report when PK gets home from the mountain this afternoon, with the first ‘mountain report’.  🙂


You can also see, they are cranking out the snow on SuperStar ! Getting it ready for the BIG Event!

The Women’s World Cup! is coming to Killington! on Thanksgiving Weekend! Get ready to see the Best of the Best! right here on our mountain! They are not wasting any time, they are working on the snow depth, every hour they have the temps to make snow. We’re looking forward to a great year!


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