Jun 092016

Kayaking has grown as a sport in recent years for lots of reasons!


There’s nothing much better than getting out on the water on a hot summer day, to cool yourself off, to get away from the busy…ness of  life, and relax, and enjoy the calming, pleasure of watching water, wildlife, and the beauty of the Green Mountains. Our local Chittenden Reservoir is a jewel of a lake for finding privacy, remoteness, and a ‘close to wilderness’ experience, just a few miles from home. How lucky are we… to have it in our backyard!

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PK,  paddling Chittenden Reservoir, and a Moose sighting close to the same spot , in the back cove by Mt Carmel.


Here at Mountain Travelers, we pride ourselves in fitting the right boat to the right person. Whether you are a first timer, who has a friend who wants you to go with them, a ladies day “kai…yakking’.  A guy wanting to get into some remote cove for some great bass fishing, or a more experienced paddler, looking to upgrade to a lighter, more efficient, sleeker boat design… We have a boat for you! We are experts with 40 years of paddling experience, schooled on the coast of Maine, we know kayaks and can explain why we recommend the best boat for what reasons.

You will have your kayak for 10+ years. In 2 years, it won’t be about ‘the deal you got’ … because you weren’t sure you were going to like it. We know you’ll love it! It’s about ‘the paddling experience’… the fun you have…If you spend the little extra $100-$200  ( a couple dinners out!) to get the right boat size, that fits you, or is lighter by 10lbs, so you can lift it onto your car, or a ‘MAN’ size boat for a man! … all those things are why WE are a specialty store that cares, compared to a big box store with ” the deal”! !

Come check out our selection of affordable polyethelene kayaks by Perception and Wilderness Experience, and our upgrade Polycarbonate kayaks by Hurricane, for a quote on the lightest, most efficient paddling kayaks available in the area. We care about the boat ‘fitting’ the person, for the uses they have in mind.

Hurricane Santee kid

We also have an expert, certified, THULE Rack Master, in house, to help you figure out how to ‘carry’ your kayaks on your vehicle safely, considering the needs of single women, or the guy who wants to carry cargo boxes, bikes, and ladders as well… There are 100’s of different car shapes to challenge us! We install for FREE with a full rack system.

Come talk to us and we can send you home with a catalog and a quote on the best boat and auto rack for your needs!

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