Jan 212020
PK reaches Day 60 !

Happy New Year to all… may your days be merry and bright! We are enjoying our retirement, and making the most out of every day. Peter has reached his 60th day skiing Killington, as always, he has a whole camaraderie of buddies he can choose from to ski every day. Some retired, some only working 1/2 time, but plenty of Buds to ski with. He has been mixing it up with lots of time at Killington, who are the ‘kings of snowmaking and grooming’, always on tuesday through thursdays, and Pico, weekends, and for skinning up on a weekly basis. His ‘by appointment only’ ski sales has been working out great, feel free to e-mail him if you need anything, we’ll keep our website up through this season to sell off the last of our equipment.

I have 20 days in! Pretty good for me. Still getting stronger after only 6 days last year. I go up to the Pico Pool 3 days a week too and have my own swimming buddies, along with the wednesday tele crew. So we are keeping active and busy! Hope you are too! Get out and have fun! Cheers!

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