Nov 032016

We got in 8 runs on The Glades (Northridge Triple) yesterday. Conditions were soft corn snow on a firm but very edgeable surface. Mild temps and no snow guns.  Lots of nice easy bumps and good cover, full width, top to bottom, for the most part, except for a couple of rocky crossover spots. It was socked in and foggy on the lift, but easy enough to see on the hill. The crowd was very small, we skied right on to the lift. We were able to ski down from the top and then had to do the stair climb back up to the top for the gondola ride down.  It was a great first (lift) day for me, and day 2  for Peter and the ‘tele’  gang. The season has begun with an excellent start.

The weather looks to be turning colder for the weekend through next week, so that will give them a chance to refresh the surface with several good nights of snow making. Come on up and get some turns in!    We’re skiing!!








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