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Jul 302014

At Mountain Travelers we carry all kinds of accessories for Camping, Kayaking and Thule Auto Roof Racks.

For Camping we have: Packs, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads, Backpacking Stoves, Cookwear, Compasses, Guide Books, Freeze Dried Food, Leatherman Tools and much more!


For Kayaking we have: Paddles, PFD’s, Dry Bags and phone cases, Paddle Gloves, Paddle Shoes, Bilge Pumps and Rod Holders.


For Thule Auto Racks we have: J-Cradles and Hullavators for Kayaks, and Rear Mount, Roof Mount, and Hitch Mount Bike Carriers.

Camp kayak accessory wall

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Jul 302014
Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks


Get the guys out on the water!

We have a nice selection of 3 different Fishing Kayaks in stock.


1. The Perception Prodigy 12 Angler

Length: 12′, Weight: 57 lbs, Capacity: 350 lbs

3 Rod Holders, and an Anchor, in Green Camo

Reg. Price:  $839-      


2. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Angler

Length: 12′,  Weight: 49 lbs, Capacity: 325 lbs

Storage & Rigging Options, Multi-chined hull for speed, tracking and stability.

1 Rod Holder w/ 3 positions, Flag w/ Light,  Removeable Kayak Konsole for your tackle, in Grey Camo

Reg. Price: $1039-  


3. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler   Sit on Top

Length: 12’3,  Weight: 66 lbs, Capacity: 350 lbs

For those who prefer fishing to paddling, good fishing platform, comfortable, stable.

The ultimate workhorse, offers both agility and speed but also the right amount of stability for fighting fish in rough waters.

1 Rod Holder w/ 4 sliding positions, Flag w/ Light, Self Bailing Tankwell, in Grey Camo

Reg. Price: 1089-    



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Jul 142014

We love to sail so here’s a nice shot of our sailboat!
when we are gone on Sundays and Mondays…. this is where we are!
Open Tuesday through Fridays 10 -6, and Saturdays 10 – 4.
Summer is short and sweet! Enjoy every minute you can!

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Jul 142014

Another fun ocean activity we did is suppin’ and kayaking in the surf!
Beware of the shore break though! We land lubbers can get munched pretty quick!
The Hurricane Skimmer Sit on top that we carry was perfect for this!
It comes in an 11′ 6″ or 12′ 8″ length and is perfect for sliding on or off easily in the surf or on our lakes and ponds. Makes that ‘claustrophobic’ feeling of a small cockpit disappear! Great for kids to use as a raft, older folks to use who have limited mobility, you can just sit on it sideways and your in! ready for a fun day on the lake! they handle surprisingly well, have great glide and are the lightest weight sit on tops on the market.

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Jul 142014

We carry a nice selection of 2,3, and 4 man lightweight backpacking tents, as well as Thermarest pads, The North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bags, and MSR Stoves and cookware for all your summer camping trips. Check out the different tent styles set up at the store or we’ll be happy to pitch one for you to see! It’s time to go camping to all your favorite sites while the weather is beautiful. Enjoy your summer!

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