Feb 132017

Again… The West is the best… Our son Michael is getting the goods out  in BC at Kicking Horse. Lucky Dog!


But for those of us who Love to ‘Ski the East’ … WE finally get a good 10″ storm !! Yea us! This morning at Pico couldn’t get any better. We got early runs on Karl’s and the Pike, and Birch Glades that were the moments we’ve been waiting for. All through the January rains we kept telling customers that February and March are the snowiest months. We still have a chance for a decent winter. Another month of cold and snow. Get out and enjoy it!


Ok ! it’s true! I have locked my heels again for the first time in 25 years! Yesterday we did a nice hour long ‘alpine touring’ uphill skin and ski down and I did great. Today locking my heels for the first time, downhill, OOOO  It was not pretty! I was in the backseat! like you wouldn’t believe! trying desperately to find my balance, it was crazy! Finally Peter gave me some tips to steer that down hill ski around better. Jeezum… Stand on that big toe! and get it around. Holy deep snow and locked heels… Batman! I felt like a beginner! I couldn’t find my sweet spot! Yikes!

Actually once I got on to easier terrain I really did pretty good. I didn’t really forget how… just a little rusty! well… a lot rusty. But at least I tried it. Reaffirming that I am, and probably always will be, a ‘free heel skier’. Gimme back my ‘square toes’ and my ‘free heel’!  I felt like a fish out of water!

This year more than any other, Peter has embraced all three diciplines… Tele, NTN, and A T. It’s important to him to be able to relate to all, and explore the differences, equipment and skiing styles. He’s liking them all! for different days and snow conditions, and of course big mountain skiing. It makes total sense to be able to lock your heel in certain circumstances, especially steeps and deeps! He’s finding which… is the right tool for the job.

As always we offer the best in ‘old school’, ‘square toe’ Tele … still available in the industry. Scarpa and Scott traditional 3 pin boots, and NTN for Telemark.  When it come to ‘Randonne’  we have  Scarpa and Dynafit lightweight Alpine Touring  boots and bindings for those alpine skiers who want to earn their turns.  We still have a good selection and a long season to go.

35 days til spring! Make the  most of it!

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Mar 282016

This was just sent to us from Germany.  Love to hear from our ski friends around the world!


I bought telemark skis from you guys 5 or 6 years ago, and am still using and loving them. I’m from NH but live in Germany now, and went skiing in South Tirol recently. I took a picture there with your sticker on the skis, thought you might like it!

Keep spreading the good tele word back home!
15-12-25-Val-Gardena, Tirol, Germany

15-12-25-Val-Gardena, Tirol, Germany

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Jan 232016

Today was cold and crystal clear. This skyline was absolutely beautiful! A yellow and turquoise sky over our mountain view to the north was the highlight of my day! This was taken this morning 1/23, from the middle of  Sunset on Pico, overlooking Chittenden and Lefferts, out to Sugarbush and Stowe to the north.  We could see Franconia Ridge to the east, and the Adirondacks to the west. Pico has the best views in the area and the skiing was hard and fast up high,  with perfect groomed corduroy throughout most of the area. So great to be out! How lucky are we to have this in our back yard!

JK on Pico

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Dec 172015

Merry Christmas to all  !!



We’re all feeling a little nervous about the weather patterns this month…

It looks like we might get a snow making window for a couple of nights this weekend.

As of yesterday, Killington had patched together a top to bottom run off the K1.

The skiing was actually pretty good up on the North Ridge triple area.

Peter skied day 14 yesterday, and got a few decent runs in on Skyelark. Heavy sugar and plate.

He’s been on the new K2 Pinnacle 95 skis. They handled the wide variety of snow surfaces well

making both parallel and tele turns.


Come on Santa… bring us some snow …  so we can have a White Christmas and go skiing!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!



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Nov 182015


New for us this year are Rossignol Back Country Skis, to compliment our old favorites by Madshus. All are partial or full edged skis for skiing ‘Out your Back Door’ on the local fields, logging roads and back country terrain, we are so lucky to have, moments away, here in Vermont.

We start with a couple models of ‘skinny skis’, one waxable and one no wax, that are designed for track style skiing at a touring center, like our local “Mt Top” or “Mountain Meadows” ski touring centers. All the others, are full edged, no wax skis, with considerable more width, for stability in the back country, logging roads, the Catamount Trail, and the rougher terrain most of us are skiing, ‘out the back door’. We have many ski widths … and boot models, by Alpina, Rossignol, and Scott, to fit YOUR type of skiing style. Call us or come in for a quote! Snow will be on the ground soon, and you ‘gotta be ready’ the day it gets here, as conditions can change overnight! Get ready to ski back country!

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