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Mountain Travelers Hike and Ski Shop

147 US Route 4 East, Rutland, VT 05701


e-mail: info@mtntravelers.com

. . .  Celebrating our 42nd year…


Peter K. and JoAnn Kavouksorian, Owners


Omland’s Overlook, B Slope, Pico


Our  Winter Shop  Hours are:

Monday, Tuesday  –  Thursday, Friday, Saturday   10:00 – 5:00

CLOSED –  Sunday & Wednesday 

Mid Winter Equipment and Clothing SALE !! 



We are a ‘Specialty Outdoor Ski Shop’ 

  Our Winter Specialties Include:



  * Telemark * * Back Country *  *Alpine Touring *

and  * Metal Edged Cross Country * 



CHECK OUT OUR  ‘SKI DEALS’   (2102- 2016)

 And    ‘SKIS DEALS’  ( 2017 ) and (2018) BELOW:


2014   K2  COOMBACK 104.    136-104-122   ( Size 170 )                  SOLD

2015   VOILE V8                         134-107-117    ( Size 176 )                   SOLD

2014   G3 EMPIRE 115               145-115-126   ( Size 180 )                  Reg.    $ 910.00   SALE    $549.00

2014   K2 SHREDITOR 92       124-92-118     ( Size 177 )                   Reg.    $499.00.   SALE   $299.00

2015    K2  PINNACLE 95.          132-95-115     ( Size 177 )                 Reg.    $699.00.   SALE   $399.00

2016 ROSSI TEMPTATION 88  135-88-124.  (SIZE 164)                 Reg.    $649.00.   SALE   $349.00

2014    G3 DISTRICT 100  C H.   132-100-123   ( Size 177 )               Reg.   $689.00    SALE $349.00

2016   W’s  K2. TALKBACK  88   126-88-113  ( Size 167 ).                 Reg.    $649.00    SALE   $399.00

2012   W’s    G3 CAKE                    138-110-128   (Size  168 )               Reg.     $620.00.  SALE   $339.00

(Updated 2/18/19 )



2017   K2 Pinnacle 95.    132-95-115     ( Size 177 )                               Reg. $649.00    SALE  $499.00  

2017.  K2 Wayback 96   128-96-118. ( Size 177, 184 )                         Reg. $699.00     SALE. $499.00

2017  Rossignol Seek 7 Tour   122-86-198.  ( Size 162,168,176 )      Reg. $549.00     SALE  $299.00

2017  Black Crows Camox Freebird    128-97-114.  ( Size 162,178 ) Reg. $759.00     SALE  $599.00

2017   W’s Rossignol Temptation 84    132-84-120.  (Size 162 )       Reg. $599.00     SALE  $339.00

2017   W’s K2 Fulluvit 95   132-95-115.  ( Size 163 )                             Reg. $649.00    SALE  $399.00

( Updated… 2/18/ 2019 )


Ski Shots - 006


2018    G3 ROAMr                             135-100-128   ( Size 172,177 )              SOLD   

2018    BLK CROWS NAVIS FB      133-102-118   ( Size 172,178,183 )     Reg. $799     SALE   $699.00

2018    BLK CROWS CAMOX FB    128- 97-114    ( Size  169                     Reg. $759     SALE.  $599.00  

2018   ROSSI SOUL   7                      136-106-126    ( Size 180 )                  Reg. $749    SALE. $679.00

2018   ROSSI SKY   7                          127- 97 117    ( Size 172,180 )             Reg. $699.   SALE  $629.00

2018  ROSSI EXPERIENCE  88      127-88-117    ( Size 180 )                     Reg.  $649.  SALE $589.00

2018  K2 PINNACLE 88                     128-88-110   ( Size 170,177, 184 )    Reg.  $599.  SALE $539.00

2018  K2 PINNACLE 95                     132-95-115.     ( Size 170,177,184 )   Reg.  $649.  SALE $579.00

2018  W’s ROSSI SPICY  7                 122-86-108     ( Size 154,162 )          Reg.   $499   SALE $449.00

2018  W’s ROSSI SKY  7                     126- 97 117      ( Size 154,162 )          Reg.   $699   SALE  $629.00

2108  W’s K2  ALLUVITT                  128-88-110       ( Size 156, 170 )        Reg.   $599  SALE  $449.00

( Updated 2/18/19 )

Telemark Skiing

 We sell  Telemark,  Alpine Touring,  and Metal Edged Back Country / Cross Country Skis,  Boots and Bindings, as well as climbing skins, and Atlas Snowshoes. We have been waving the flag since the beginning. We talk ‘ Tele’ , ‘AT’, ‘BC’ and ‘XC’  like no other shop in the area, and we’ve been here the longest, Since 1976! We were among the original Tele skiers on the hill in the early 70’s.

 We still promote ‘square toe’ ‘Tele’ , recommending Scarpa boots, and 22 Designs,  free pivot bindings… but also have NTN Tele,  for the skiers who want more power. We can mount any free heel Telemark binding out there. We have all the ‘jigs’ , and expertise, to update, or re-create your Telemark needs, whether your new to the sport, or have been ‘Teleing’ for over 40 years, like we have.

Alpine Touring Skiing

Alpine touring has become a big interest in the Alpine world. With 20+ years of experience there, and growing with the sport, we prefer and promote, the lightweight gear for side and back country skiing, because we  know all about “earning your turns”, and how much weight, and flexibility matters! We can teach you all about the ‘uphill’ … and the downhill… on Alpine Touring / Randonne’  ski equipment.

Time to Hike For it!


Cross Country and Back Country Skiing

Our Cross Country selection is also specialized to accommodate the local terrain, and largest customer base we have, of people going out their back door, on logging roads, snowmobile trails, National forest trails, and their own properties. We like skis with metal edges, and more width for stability,and more sturdy boot and binding systems, to turn a ski. Our Back country skis go anywhere, unlike the ‘skinny skis’ of earlier generations, that were so hard to balance on, didn’t turn on hills, and really belonged ‘ in a track only’. We can update and re-educate you, about XC  and BC too! Give you more lateral stability, and a more stable platform, to accommodate ungroomed,  backcountry conditions.  It’s been our love since we opened in 1976!

Thanksgiving Day ' ski out the back door' 2014


We sell Atlas aluminum snowshoes, which we think have the best binding systems, and models, for everyone from the casual, out the backdoor, 1/2 hour walker, to the serious all day hiker, who is climbing mountain peaks.



Technical Outdoor Clothing by Patagonia and The North Face …

We have Patagonia and North Face Clothing. Patagonia underwear layers, Nano Puff pullovers, down sweaters, better sweaters, and Powder bowl shell jackets and pants. The North Face trucker hats,  hoodies, stretch down and tenacious jackets. Come check out the new soft goods!  

All of our winter clothing items, are now marked on SALE …

Gore-tex shell jackets, and ski pants, for weather protection,

and nano and down insulated layers for warmth.  (2/14/19)




2013 Men's Clothing


Our sportswear is by Patagonia and The North Face, always the best in the outdoor industry for quality and durability . We “cherry pick” the best pieces we can find to represent our specialty sports of hiking, camping, and back country and lift service skiing. 

We sell all ‘the right layers’ of  Technical Outdoor Clothing  by Patagonia, and The North Face.  Comfort and warmth on all your outdoor winter adventures is so important, and so many people don’t understand the ‘science of  layering’ to stay warm and comfortable, in cold, wet, and windy outdoor conditions.  We have the quick dry underwear layers, the cozy, warm mid layers, and the technical, waterproof, breathable, shell jackets and pants, that allow you to be outdoors all day, in any weather. We’ll be happy to walk you through what you have already, and educate you on what you need, to make the important clothing choices that work, so you can have fun outdoors all day! 


Thule Car and Truck Racks and Accessories

including Installation 

All year round our business is the installation of  Thule Auto Racks on vehicles, We have a Thule ‘rack specialist’ who can recommend, and install, a car or truck rack, on your vehicle, to carry anything from cargo boxes,to kayaks, to bikes, to skis and snowboards, ladders and luggage. We can help with which components are needed, to fit your car or truck, roof line, exactly, and expertly install it for you, so you can feel comfortable carrying your gear on your roof at 70 mph!

We have Thule cargo boxes for skis… we bought up the last of the inexpensive ski models available!  We have 2 left @  $499!

Hiking Boots and Trail Shoes

We  have hiking boots, and sturdy everyday footwear by Asolo, Scarpa, and Salomon. Hiking poles and headlamps by Black Diamond.  Superfeet insoles, and the wonderful Vermont product… Darn Tough Socks! Maps and hiking guides, freeze dried food & MSR fuel.



Camping Tents and Sleeping Bags  … Now on Sale at 20% OFF !


Outdoor camping gear:  tents, packs, sleeping bags, and accessories by The North Face, Osprey, MSR, Black Diamond, and  Liberty.

Camping stoves and fuel by MSR.  Mountain House freeze dried food, and Cascade Designs Thermarest Pads.

Flat Water Kayaks

2014 Kayak Models arriving soon!

Stand Up Paddle boards

2015 Dolsey SUPS

In summer:  We offer flat water kayaks, by Hurricane, Wilderness Systems and Perception.

We custom fit our boats to each paddlers body size, and use,  from small mountain lakes and ponds, to coastal waterways and beyond.

We have Stand Up Paddle boards, by Michael Dolsey, super stable and only 30 lbs, the newest fun adventure sport for a summer workout,

or just cruising around. On a flat, calm morning, the peacefulness of  ‘sup-ping’  is the best! 

We only have 2 kayaks left! … The awesome ‘Hurricane Santee 126, and 1 nice Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 !

Both, nice upgrade kayaks!   And 2,  Dolsey  Bam Bam, stand up paddleboards! Super stable,  at really good prices! 


JoAnn & Peter K ca. 1978

We are the survivors, of an ever changing industry and retail world. A ‘Mom and Pop’ Shop, husband and wife team, that has devoted our lives… 43 years !  to selling the best specialty gear available, in the outdoor industry.


That’s our ‘mission’, our ‘mantra’… to outfit you… with the best equipment and clothing combinations available… so you can have the best… ‘day off having fun’ ….with family and friends , you can possibly have.

We have reputation to uphold… promoting and providing ‘Fun Outdoors’ !!! 


Remember our motto: You don’t know unless you go… and… It’s always better than you think!


‘Peter K’ or ‘PK’ … ‘Tele & AT’  ‘Guru’ … Since ’76

He’s the man! You wanna see… it’s worth the drive!

No question about it! 


JK on Pico

JK on Pico













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Oct 062018

Ok, boys and girls. It’s time to start hiking uphill to get ready for the upcoming ski season! That’s PK’s new mantra, he’s given up the bike, for summiting Outpost on Pico in the mornings before work.  Fall foliage will be peaking this week, so it’s time to get out there and enjoy the beauty! There was snow in the Rockies this week, so that means we won’t be far behind. We’ve skied in October before! And November is right around the corner.

We have received all the new Patagonia and North Face outdoor clothing for the season, and as always, have ‘cherry picked’ each line for the best layering choices to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. Once again, we chose Patagonia capilene for the best base layer, followed by stretch fleece, nano puff pullovers, or down sweaters, for the best mid-layer insulation. Lastly, the outer shell layer of the Powder Bowl, Triolet, Snowshot or super lightweight and stretchy Galvanized jackets are the key pieces for your waterproof , breathable protection from the elements. Come check out what we recommend next time you need to replace something in your wardrobe.  We also have a good selection of SALE items to choose from. Happy Fall!

 Posted by at 2:33 pm
Oct 062018

Ok, boys and girls! Time to get it in gear and start hiking uphill! at least that’s PK’s new mantra. (going against gravity is always a bit challenging for me) He has given up the bike for summiting Outpost on Pico before work in the morning. I made it to Omlands overlook! The fall foliage is peaking this week, so it’s prime time to get out in the mountains and see the beauty. We live in one of the most spectacular regions in the northeast, and for all our friends and family who love to visit as often as they can… now’s the time! 

We have been gearing up at the store, getting ready for the upcoming ski season. Patagonia and North Face outdoor clothing has arrived, so even though

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Jun 272018

SUP time! Stand Up Paddling time is here!

We just did a power overnight road trip to Brunswick, Maine to pick up our summer shipment of Michael Dolsey Paddle Boards.

They look awesome was usual. We Supped Rye Beach in NH on the way up, and Herring Cove in Provincetown last week, and these boards rock, when it comes to stability and all around comfort on open moving water. Rolling waves in the ocean always present a few scary moments until you get your ‘sea legs’, then it’s so much fun!  Singing sea chanties, and looking deep into the emerald green water for lobsters, (we only saw traps!) and seeing schools of minnows and blue fish, and the seaweed waving underneath, ( last year we saw seals flying by underneath us!) you can tell I’m an ocean girl. It doesn’t get any better than that! Love it!


Back home on our familiar lakes and ponds near home, Chittenden, Glen Lake and Bomoseen, Woodard Reservoir and Kent Pond all have some incredible paddling. SUP paddling gives you a good strong core and shoulder work out, is great for your balance, and it is so fun and calming to cross the water on a flat calm day. It’s our early morning go to sport at camp. We have as much fun doing that as paddling our kayaks. When the breeze comes up, then it’s time to switch over to kayaks, and get a little ‘lower perspective’, it’s all fun, any time we get to spend a few hours to on the water. Love summertime!

Come check out our Michael Dolsey SUP boards. We chose some beautiful boards this year in blue, aqua, red, and silver.

We carry The Bam Bam model which is a poly carbon skinned SUP with wood veneer top and bottom, concave deck, and wide template for stability for beginners to experts.  Yoga, fitness, recreation.  Durable, Wide, and Stable.

Sizes:  10′  x 33″ x 4.25  –  142 L.     $1249

10′ 8″  x 33.5″ x 4.25. –  161 L.      $1299

And we have one more The Glider …  which is a plastic jacketed SUP, durable, wide, stable and high volume. Great for multi use, around a camp, a board everybody can use. Rentals, lessons, surfing, yoga fitness, and recreation. While with 3-tone green deck pad.

Size: 10′ 6 x 33.5″ x 5″    –  220 L     $999

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Jun 052018


Our summer shipments of kayaks have arrived from North Carolina, from Hurricane, Perception, and Wilderness Systems.

We have narrowed down our selection even better this summer, to bring you a great choice of kayaks for everybody in the family. Every size, and every shape matters when it comes to kayak selection.

A little woman who weighs 125 lbs is certainly not going to need the same boat as a man who weighs 180 lbs. Little women need little boats! They fit better, they have a smaller cockpit, the width is narrower, they are lighter weight so they can load them by themselves. Even their paddles have a ‘small shaft’ to fit small hands better. Women are best suited to 10-12 ft kayaks for all those reasons.

A big man needs a bigger boat! For better floatation, better foot room, better bouncy, better tracking, better glide, better cruising, and more stability for fishing. A large man needs a minimum of a 12 -14 ft kayak size.

We take great pride in fitting each boat specifically to each paddler, so that they can have the best experience ever in their new kayak. If you need a rugged boat anybody in the family can use, that can be brought up on shore, and transported in the back of a pickup truck, then a Perception or Wilderness Experience ‘roto-molded’ polyethylene kayak …weighs a little more, but is way more rugged and durable.

If you are looking for an upgrade in performance, something lightweight, that is a pleasure to paddle and a breeze to carry, then a Hurricane kayak is likely your best choice. Hurricane kayaks are made of lightweight Trylon ABS thermoform plastic that does not warp or oil can like many cheap poly boats. Trylon is rigid, with an exterior UV coating to protect your Hurricane from fading or turning brittle. The acrylic coating has a beautiful shine, and they just plain look pretty! Kayaks made of Trylon weigh 10-15 lbs less than comparable polyethylene kayaks.

Come check out our selection as they won’t last long! We only brought in one shipment this year.

We are open 10-5 Tuesday through Friday. 10-3 Saturdays, and Closed on Sundays and Mondays so we can go paddling!   We are also… Closed for a one week vacation in June (17th-24th) so plan ahead … and get ready for tons of fun on the water this summer!

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Jun 052018

We have a nice selection of summer sportswear just arrived from Patagonia and The North Face.

As always we have ‘cherry picked’ each line to find the minimal, quick dry clothing choices, to bring along on your next summer adventure. For outerwear we have Patagonia’s Torrent Shell rain jackets for men and women, to keep you dry and comfortable on any rainy day,  along with quick dry tee shirts to wear underneath, that are perfect for layering, or wearing by themselves.

We also have hiking shorts and pants, and some nice casual dress shirts and  polos for men.   For women we have some cute tees, light weight hoodies,  some short and hiking length shorts, a capri, and a cute skirt,  to pack ultralight for going anywhere. Everything we have is perfect for traveling… those few key pieces that you can wear multiple days at a time, and work for almost any occasion. Keep it lightweight, keep it compact, keep it versatile, with summer sportswear from MountainTravelers.

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