XC / Backcountry Ski Equipment

1023161stskipicoWe primarily devote our “XC” to “BC” Non-track style, “out the back door” style skiing, since most of our customers prefer a little beefier set up because they are setting their own tracks out the back door…touring skis with metal edges- “Backcountry” skiing is the equivalent to mountain biking vs road biking, and the customer is the same. Designed for touring through rolling terrain and making turns through low angle glades or on logging roads, and snowmobile trails, we recommend Backcountry style equipment.

Our backcountry skis are by “Madshus”. “Karhu/Canada” was bought by K2, who imports and distributes Madshus. Those of us who know the nordic and European market know Madshus makes awesome nordic skis and is top of the line, in reputation, in the Scandinavian countries. To make a long story short…Madshus bought Karhu’s molds and makes the same skis we love under a new name. As well as, Rossignol who have a great BC selection. Check them out, they look great and are better than ever!

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