Feb 032018

PK has been product testing a bunch of different skis this week, including Alpine Touring and Tele. Below are a pair of G3 Roamers with the G3 ION alpine touring binding and Scarpa Maestrale boots. He has had ‘a hoot’ on them, even though ‘AT’ is not usually his thing, he is loving the set up, and able to highly recommend it’s performance.

The word from PK: (coming soon!)

Below are a couple of other set ups for Tele that he has tried this week… he’s been getting a couple of runs in at Pico before work. This is the Rossi Sky 7’s with 22 Designs Axl Tele bindings that he feels a whole lot more at home on. He’s been loving’ them!

The word from PK:

And here’s another…The Rossi Experience 88’s, with 22 Design Vice Tele bindings.

The word from PK:

And lastly for this week… The Black Crow Navis Freebird is the final favorite.

The word from PK:


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