Aug 082017

Campsite with canoe quebec

Our family has been out paddling, canoe camping, and enjoying the beautiful summer sunsets on the water, hearing loons and having campfires. Summer doesn’t get any better than that!

We have also had more thru hikers on The Long Trail and The Appalachian Trails than any previous years. It’s great to see people out camping and enjoying nature. A couple in today were delighted to be here in Vermont hiking 270 miles, they came from California, were unable to use their permit to hike the John Muir Trail, which they had to apply for 6 months ago, because of snow conditions in the Sierra, so they came to Vermont instead, where there were no permits required, no limits of numbers of persons permitted to start the trail per day, no separate lottery permits to cross the Mt Whitney wilderness. I had no idea! How lucky we are to just ‘jump on the trail’  anytime and anywhere you want. Aren’t we the lucky ones to have it in our backyard!



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Jul 262017

We are seeing lots of hikers coming through the shop on The Appalachian, and The Long Trails, spending weeks on the trail, enjoying our Green Mountains. Many are from the West and are not minding the wet weather at all, they are delighted to get away from the hot, and dry climates at home, and are loving it here. They think it is beautiful! As we well know!

We have been selling Salomon, Scarpa, and Asolo hiking boots and walking shoes, Darn Tough socks,  as well as hiking poles from Black Diamond, fuel, bug spray, maps, Mountain House Freeze Dried food, Thermarest sleeping pads and TNF tents.

We are having fun meeting so many cool people from all over the world, a man from Switzerland , who ran a circus, dinner theatre, a young man from Germany who had hiked every continent in the world, a man from Seattle loved how similar it was to home, so green and so scenic.  We love, that they love, our state ! We welcome them to Vermont.

Hiking VT State Parks

We have all kinds of gear and info on hiking trails in the area. Come see us for hiking supplies and guide books. Happy Trails!

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Jul 262017

We hope you are all out enjoying every minute of the warm summer months. In between the rain and the cool days, there have been,  and still are, some beautiful warm days to take advantage of. We have been SUP and kayak paddling ( and PK biking) every chance we get. We’ve had a busy July so our inventory of SUP boards and kayaks is going fast. We only have one 10′ Michael Dolsey SUP left, for a smaller person, and a couple more 10’8’s, for a large size adult. These are beautiful boards, that are stable and really fun on the water, great for working on your balance, while getting that ‘core’ workout you’ve been looking for.


We have also been getting our long boats out, kayaking Lake George, south from Ticonderoga last Sunday. We found a great spot to launch at the Ti Town Beach on Black Point. You have to take the Shoreham,VT ferry to get there, but it’s the perfect spot to get to an open location on Lake George without a lot of busy boat traffic. We paddled north because of the wind that day, and had a thoroughly enjoyable paddle and swims. Lake George water is the best we’ve got for swimming! Our kayak inventory is getting down there too. We have 1 each of Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 & 140’s, our best plastic kayaks with a nice keel line that tracks  really well, has plenty of cockpit room, and is durable enough to use anywhere.

Lake Champlain Crossing Sept 28, 2014

Lake Champlain Crossing


For  lightweight polycarbonate designs that weigh 10-12 lbs less than the plastic models, and are so much easier to load and unload, as well as much faster, and sleeker on the water, we recommend Hurricane kayaks. The Santee 116 and 116 Sport (w/ bigger cockpit) are our most popular models, weighing 36-38 lbs. The Santee 126 is a great boat for a little larger person or use in a larger body of water, such as Lake Champlain. Hurricane also makes, what we think, are the best ‘sit on top’ kayaks on the market, they actually paddle like a kayak, instead of a raft!


This beautiful summer season is going by quickly, so it’s time to get out on the water and enjoy every day you can!

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Jun 152017

Flat waters are the best for ‘Supping”… (Stand Up Paddling)… there is nothing like ‘Standing on Water’ … and calmly paddling around the edges of your favorite lake or pond at dawn or dusk, when the waters are flat and calm, is the perfect time to go…

It takes a bit of balance and technique, to stand up, grip your toes on the pad of the board, and paddle off into the sunset, but when the conditions are right, it’s the best! Most people love it! It’s another fun way to get out on to the water and enjoy the summertime!

We have a beautiful selection of ‘Michael Dolsey’ Paddle Boards…. come  in and check them out!

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Jun 152017

This is the ….THULE ….Car Racks… Time of Year!

We have racks for most of the car models out there. We can fit a base rack first, then add any accessory carrier you might need for kayaks or bikes.  Peter K. is building several racks a day on local cars, to use for their summer outdoor fun. It’s vacation time! Let us help you figure out which THULE rack components fit your vehicle, and give you a quote to make it all happen! (FYI…most models require a part to be ordered , which takes 3-5 business days) Once we have all the parts we need, you make an appointment of your ‘free installation’ and we can have you all ‘set up’ to carry your TOYS  in an hour. Our rack specialist is here 10-5 Tues – Friday and 10-3 Saturdays.

The above picture is the THULE ‘Hullavator’ which is the answer …to all the small women out there …who need help with getting ‘the weight of their boat’ up on to the roof. It works like a charm …on most vehicles! Lifts 40 lbs right up to your roof with one hand!

We also have many models of bike carriers in stock,  for a roof mount, a rear mount, or a hitch mount carrier.

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