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Mountain Travelers Hike and Ski Shop

147 US Route 4 East, Rutland, VT 05701


e-mail: info@mtntravelers.com

. . .  this is our 40th year!    

  Our Specialties Include:


Technical Outdoor Clothing


Hiking and Trail Shoes


Packs, Tents and Sleeping Bags


Thule Car Racks



2014 Kayak Models arriving soon!

Stand Up Paddleboards

2015 Dolsey SUPS

Telemark Skiing

   Alpine Touring Skiing

Time to Hike For it!

Backcountry / XC Skiing


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In Summer: We offer flatwater kayaks, by Hurricane, Wilderness Systems and Perception, custom fit to each paddlers use,  from small mountain ponds to coastal waterways. Back this season, we have Stand Up Paddleboards, the newest fun adventure sport for a summer workout or just cruising around. We  also have a Thule rack specialist who can recommend and install a car or truck rack on your vehicle to carry anything from cargo boxes, to skis, to bikes, to boats and ladders…We have hiking and camping footwear and gear, tents, packs and sleeping bags.  We have a downstairs showroom year round.

In WintSki Shots - 006er: We are specialists in Telemark , Backcountry and Alpine Touring Skiing… We began ‘bending a knee in ’73’ and it has been our passion ever since. We ‘talk Tele’ and ‘AT’  like no other shop in the area. We know all about “earning your turns”,  and can teach you all about the ‘uphill’ … and the downhill, on ‘free heel’   ski equipment. We sell  Telemark,  Alpine Touring,  and Metal Edged Back Country Skis,  Boots and Bindings, as well as climbing skins, and Atlas Snowshoes.  We carry technical outdoor clothing  by Patagonia, The North Face, Ibex, and Kuhl,  for comfort and warmth on all your winter adventures.  

Jk Lake Champlain Crossing


Our  Summer  Shop  Hours  are:

  Tuesday  –  Friday

10:00 – 6:00


10:00 – 4:00 

   CLOSED …  Sunday and Monday


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Mar 282016

This was just sent to us from Germany.  Love to hear from our ski friends around the world!


I bought telemark skis from you guys 5 or 6 years ago, and am still using and loving them. I’m from NH but live in Germany now, and went skiing in South Tirol recently. I took a picture there with your sticker on the skis, thought you might like it!

Keep spreading the good tele word back home!
15-12-25-Val-Gardena, Tirol, Germany

15-12-25-Val-Gardena, Tirol, Germany

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Mar 082016

Demos For SALE

K2 Shreditor 102 (179) with 22 Designs Vice Binding – Reg. Price $770 – Sale $569

K2 Rictor 90 (177) with NTN Rottefella Freedom Binding – Reg. Price $1160 – Sale $699

G3 District 100 Carbon (177) with Black Diamond O1 Binding – Reg. Price $990 – Sale $749

K2 Lyric (W’s) (165) with Black Diamond O1 binding – Reg. Price $900 – Sale $459

K2 Backdrop (174) with G3 Ion 12 Alpine Touring ‘pin tech’ Binding – Reg. Price $ 1250 – Sale $749

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Mar 072016

Telemark or Alpine Touring SALE SKIS… Discontinued…


K2 Shreditor 102, (169), Reg. Price $550, SALE $339

(’13) K2 Wayback 88, (174), Reg. Price $600, SALE $379

(’12) K2 Sideshow (Rolling Stones Ed.) (174) Reg. Price $750, SALE $549

(’12) K2 Sidestash (Rolling Stones ED.) (174) Reg. Price $850, SALE $629

(’07) K2 She’s Piste, (160) Reg.Price $470, SALE $199

G3 Cake (159+ 168) Reg. Price $620, SALE $389

Black Diamond Warrant, (168) Reg. Price $589, SALE $339

Black Diamond Aspect, (166 + 176) Reg. Price $629, SALE $379

Black Diamond Drift, (166 + 186) Reg. Price $669, SALE $ 399

Black Diamond Amperage, (175) Reg. Price $669, SALE $399

Black Diamond Carbon Convert, (180  ) Reg. Price $850, SALE $659

G3 District 100 Carbon (177  )  Reg. Price $690,  SALE $539

G3 District 100 (172  )  Reg. Price $690,  SALE $459

G3 Empire Carbon (180  )  Reg. Price $910, SALE $699

K2 AMP Rictor 90  (177  )  Reg. Price $699.95, SALE $499

K2 Shreditor 92,  ( 170 + 177 )  Reg. Price $499.95,  SALE $389

Karhu Jak BC 90 (172)  Reg. Price $500, SALE $249




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Mar 072016
photo 2

Alpine Touring  Boots on SALE                  March 2016


Black Diamond Shiva, Size 24.5, Reg. Price $699,  SALE $299

Black Diamond Swift, size 26.5, Reg. Price $569,  SALE  $285

Garmont Xena,  Size 24.5, Reg. Price $629.95,  SALE $299

Scarpa Magic, Size 24, Reg. Price $519, SALE $249


Black Diamond Prime, Size 29.5, Reg. Price $569.95,  SALE  $285

Black Diamond Quadrant, Size 29.5, Reg. Price $639,  SALE $299

Black Diamond Factor 110, 29.5 + 30.5, Reg. Price $699,  SALE $299

Black Diamond Push, Size 29.5 + 30.5, Reg. Price $659.95,  SALE $329

Garmont Endorphin, Size 27.5, Reg. Price $629.95,  SALE $299

Garmont Radium, Size 27.5, Reg. Price $689.95, SALE $299

Garmont G-Ride, Size 28.5, Reg. Price $569,  SALE $279

photo 3





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Feb 112016


Telemark has always been our passion, for 40 years now.  We carry traditional, square toe, ‘tele’, as well as NTN.

Square Toe (75mm) :    We distinguish ourselves by still liking, and recommending, traditional square toe ‘tele’ bindings, such as the 22 Designs Axl and Vice, the Black Diamond O1’s, or the Voile’ Switchbacks, over NTN, because of the freedom of motion, and ‘ball of the foot’ steering. We find most ‘old school’ teler’s, like ourselves, prefer the traditional square toe boot and binding system. It’s less rigid, dosn’t ‘grip’ you in the ball of the foot, and allows you to rock back and forth, forward and rear foot, with so much more ease and freedom, more flexibility and simplicity!  It allows you to go slow motion in the trees and the bumps, quick step along the side of a trail, and gives you that ‘nordic feeling’ that made us all turn to, and love ‘tele’ in the first place. The boots are comfortable! Here in the East, it suits our skiing style better. Our trails are narrow and our conditions are much harder, and more challenging. We have lots of trees and bumps! We need all the flexibility we can get!

(Square toe boots are not compatible with NTN binding systems)

Vs. NTN:  We have a half dozen strong, young friends, racers, and ‘mountain employees’  who really like NTN. And we appreciate it’s qualities of being more rigid, more precise, tighter, more alpine like, and it gives you the ability to go … 100. It has more ‘alpine like ‘ qualities, such as the release, which is ‘not really… alpine like’. The ability to ‘step in’, like an alpine binding, and a more secure, rigid, under the ball of the foot grip, that really locks you in. Racers love it, because they can go fast, and be precise. We know one Instructor and one  Patroler who like it,  because they can get in and out of it more quickly, and easily, and it skis more ‘alpine like’ dragging a toboggan or teaching. Although the ‘old school’ guys will always prefer the freedom of the square toe.

NTN is a new alternative…  The ski industry designs are geared towards western skiing, big mountains, big lines, and big skis. NTN is better suited to all of those conditions. So we can see why it is gaining popularity. We have two expert skiers at the shop, Peter and Detlef, who have tried it over and over fairly extensively, and even though there are some qualities they like, they keep going back to their traditional 75mm binding systems to feel ‘more at home’.

We sell both, and will be as open to ‘your background, and style of skiing’ as we can, to help you decide ‘what’s just right’ for you. We want you to be happy, with whatever style you choose!  So long as it’s ‘TELE’.   Free the heel!


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