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Mountain Travelers Hike and Ski Shop

147 US Route 4 East, Rutland, VT 05701


e-mail: info@mtntravelers.com


Our Specialties Include:


   Stand Up Paddle Boards

Thule Car Racks

Technical Outdoor Clothing

Hiking and Trail Shoes

Packs, Tents and Sleeping Bags

Telemark Skiing

Alpine Touring Skiing

Backcountry / XC Skiing



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“Hiking, Paddling and ‘Bending a Knee’ since ’73”

…. this is our 39th year!

In Summer: We offer flatwater kayaks, by Hurricane, Wilderness Systems and Perception, custom fit to each paddlers use,  from small mountain ponds to coastal waterways. Back this season, we have Stand Up Paddleboards, the newest fun adventure sport for a summer workout or just cruising around. We  also have a Thule rack specialist who can recommend and install a car or truck rack on your vehicle to carry anything from cargo boxes, to bikes, to boats and ladders…We have hiking and camping footwear and gear, tents, packs and sleeping bags, along with the technical outdoor clothing  by Patagonia and The North Face for all your summer adventures. 

In Winter: We are specialists in Telemark , Backcountry and Alpine Touring Skiing… We began ‘bending a knee in ’73’ and it has been our passion ever since. We ‘talk Tele’ and ‘AT’  like no other shop in the area. We know all about “earning your turns”. We can teach you all about the ‘uphill’ and the downhill on ‘freeheel’ equipment. We sell Telemark,  XC, Metal Edged Backcountry,  Alpine Touring/ Randonne’ Skis,  Boots and Bindings, as well as climbing skins, and Atlas Snowshoes. We have a downstairs showroom year round.


Our  Summer Shop  Hours  are:

 Tuesday Thru Friday    

10:00 – 5:00

Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 


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Sep 042015

Many kind friends and customers have told us they saw and heard about Peter’s May 21st accident (hit by a car on his bicycle) on the website, so we want to give you an update, and let you know he is doing great! Considering his many multiple fractures and concussion, and 3 months of  ‘pain and suffering’, hours of physical therapy, and adjusting to ‘hours back to work’. He is 80% back!

Some long term pains will be with him for a while, but we were so lucky! He’s here… to tell us another story!  About why he bought that ‘cool toy’ , and why it’s the one for YOU,’ to have moooore fun!’  Giving his expert opinon, to make sure it’s the right fit, instruction on how to do it, how to carry it, where to go with it, you name it, he’ll set you straight on where to recreate.

We want to thank everyone again, for their kind thoughts, phone calls, so many of you stopped by often, and periodically to ‘check on him’…. it was awesome!  So thoughtful! We are so grateful for the friendships shown.

Before: Planning on a big mile summer.
pk birthday ride

After: Happy to be on the water again, and riding his old mountain bike at a little slower pace!


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Jul 232015


We have a nice selection of  kayaks now on SALE.

Summer is just mid way through, and there are two more months of paddling pleasure for those of us lucky enough to love being out on the water.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing from a kayak….

We have several models in camo colors, perfect for men to fish from. We recommend a little longer kayak, in the 12 to 14 ft range, for men who are 160  – 200+ lbs.  They get better  flotation,  better foot room, better buoyancy, better stability, better tracking, better glide, and a better ride.

Bigger boats are more seaworthy in choppy water, and larger bodies of water.  If your boat length is too small,  you will just bob around like a cork, waddling across the water, as opposed to cruising with speed and comfort. Men need a boat their size!  ( NOT the same size as their wives!)

Same with LITTLE women…

We have several boats on sale, made especially with smaller women in mind. For the same reason, they fit better, the cockpit is smaller, the width is narrower, they are lighter.  The weight is under 40 lbs so they are a more reasonable weight to try to load and unload by themselves. We even have paddles with a ‘small shaft’ to fit small hands, to make paddling easier and more comfortable for women.

We have a performance polyurethane boat by Perception in a 10 ft length, called the Tribute, that weighs 36. lbs , with a super comfortable, adjustable seat, and waterproof rear hatch.

As well as,  several beautiful models in a polycarbonate material by Hurricane, that are nice and light, a bit stiffer, glossy finish, very stable, and weigh only 33.5  lbs for the 10 ft, and 36.5  for an 11.6 ft boat. They glide through the water so much more effortless than a basic plastic boat. They are a pleasure to paddle.

Come check out what we have left on Sale!


Hurricane Santee kid



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Jul 142015

We took a trip to Brunswick, Maine in May to buy 6 Stand Up Paddle Boards, and we sold them out right away.
Last week we got 5 more, and they are selling fast! It’s quiet, it’s challenging, and it’s fun!

We carry 2 models of beautiful, wide, stable, durable, light, and versatile stand up paddle boards.  Ideal for flat waters and the ocean. Great SUPs for beginners, renters, lessons, yoga, and recreational SUPing.

Made by Michael Dolsey, of Norfolk, Virginia.


2015 Dolsey SUPS

2015 Dolsey SUPS

Why Dolsey SUPs?

– Stability –  Performance – Durability –

Michael Dolsey Designs paddle boards will help you be successful and confident with your SUPing experience.

Our construction and designs make our paddleboards stable and fun to ride.

Our SUPs are great for learning, training, and competing.

Take a look and you will be impressed, give us a try and you will be a customer.



The Bam Bam is our favorite: Renowned for it’s stability, durability, and versatility.

Bam Bam – is our polycarbonate (PC) skinned SUP.  Polycarbonate is very durable and makes our Bam Bam more durable thn most other SUPs . The Bam Bam is our most popular SUP, and comes with many advanced features, like our polycarbinate skin, a concave deck, carbon fiber rails, and more .  The Bam Bam has a nice glide that comes from the shape and foiling.  Stability is increased by our width and concave deck design. A 5 fin system allows for best tracking options. Customers love this SUP.

We also carry the EZ Wider:  Best in class, value, as an entry level SUP.

E Z-Widers are our most popular SUPs. They are durable, wide, and stable. Great for rentals, lessons and beginners. Use them in flat water, ocean surf, for paddle fit/yoga, or just paddling with your kids or pet . EZ Widers are full featured and come standard with: an 8″ center  fin and 2-side fins for better control and traction, a gasing air vent check to help prevent delamination , 4 PFD deck tie down plugs for gear or PDF, a front camera mount plug for selfies, a leash plug, and  a full length 3-color traction pad for better workout and recreation options. Our width and engineered concave deck makes this SUP more stable than competitor SUPs that are the same length. 

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Jul 032015
Lake Champlain Crossing Sept 28, 2014

Lake Champlain Crossing Sept 28, 2014

Happy 4th of July! Celebrate our independence day!
Looks like we are going to get some stellar summer days to enjoy for the holiday.
Hope everyone has an awesome 4th with their favorite family and friends.
We plan to spend it in the woods, on the water and having some BBQ’s at our favorite private spot.
July is the best month of the year! Goodbye June rains….hello summer sun! Have fun!

(PK has one more week on crutches, and then we hope he will be free! Maybe not paddling or riding a bike, or sailing for a while, but looking forward to walking!)

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Jun 122015
PK bike


We call him “Lucky!”

He quotes ” I’ll be back!”

Mostly we feel happy, relieved, so blessed, and lucky! He’s okay!

3 weeks ago Peter was doing a hill climb on his rode bike when he was hit by a car going 50 mph!
He was fully unconscious, woke up in the ambulance and was transported to RRMC. He had multiple trauma injuries, 7 fractures, but luckily no internal injuries, and no surgeries.
He was lucky! He aced it out of the hospital in just 3 days. He did amazing! We give RRMC 10 stars for their exceptional care!

3 weeks later he is back to work, limited hours, on crutches, with a cast up to his elbow. Making awesome progress, considering!

We THANK our friends and family for all the calls, cards, food, work, caring and concern. We appreciate your love so much.

We will resume our regular hours as soon as we are able.

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