Apr 292014


Mountain Travelers Hike and Ski Shop

147 US Route 4 East, Rutland, VT 05701


e-mail: info@mtntravelers.com


Our Specialties Include:



Thule Car Racks

Camping Equipment

Hiking and Trail Shoes

Technical Outdoor Clothing

Telemark Skiing

Alpine Touring Skiing

Backcountry / XC Skiing

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“Paddling and ‘Bending a Knee’ since ’73″

…. this is our 38th year!

In Summer: We offer the best flatwater kayaks in the industry, custom fit to each paddlers use, from small mountain ponds to coastal waterways. We have a Thule Rack specialist who can recommend and install a Car Rack on your vehicle to carry anything from cargo boxes, to bikes, to boats and ladders…We have Hiking and Camping Footwear and Gear, along with the Technical Outdoor Clothing  by Patagonia and The North Face for all your summer adventures. 

Closed Sunday + Monday in the Summer.

In Winter: We are specialists in “Earning Your Turns”. We can teach you all about the ‘uphill’ and the downhill on ‘freeheel’ equipment. We sell Telemark,  XC,  Alpine Touring/ Randonne’ Skis,  Boots and Bindings, as well as Climbing Skins, trimmed to fit, for the uphill workout. We  talk ‘Tele’ like no other shop around. It’s our passion.

Closed Wednesdays in the Winter.

Our  Summer  Shop  Hours  are:

Tuesday – Friday    10:00 – 6:00
Saturday   10:00 – 4:00
Sunday + Monday    CLOSED

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Jul 172014


We have a great selection of kayaks for everybody in the family!

For little women under 150 lbs:
who need a boat they can carry, load and unload by themselves:
1. The Perception Tribute 100 … Weighs 36 lbs, Reg. $669- on Sale for $569- SAVE $100-
OR 2. The Hurricane Santee 100 … Weighs 33.5 lbs, Reg. $849- on Sale for $769- SAVE $80-

For anybody under 160 lbs:
who just want an easy, stable, first boat that’s not too expensive:
1. The Perception Impulse 10 …weighs 44 lbs, Reg. $399- on Sale for $359- SAVE $40-

For anybody 150 lbs – 200lbs: who is looking for a better tracking, more speed, and a boat that ‘fits’, with a deeper, roomier cockpit. Maybe an upgrade from their first 10′ kayak.
1. The Perception Prodigy 12 … Reg. $719- on SALE for $619- SAVE $100-
OR 2. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 … Reg. $869- on SALE for $769- SAVE $100-

For the BIG GUY, 200 lbs + : who needs a bigger boat to feel comfortable in, a deeper cockpit, a roomier seat, stability, and room for size 12 or 13 feet!
1. The Perception Prodigy 12 … Reg. $719- on SALE for $$619
2. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 … Reg. $969- on SALE for $869- SAVE $100-

For the Fisherman: Kayaks for Men with fishing accessories like rod holders, and an anchor, and stability to cast and feel comfortable sitting still.
1. The Perception Prodigy 12 Angler … Reg. $839- on SALE for $739- SAVE $100-
2. The Widerness Systems Pungo 120 Angler … Reg. $1039- on SALE for $939- SAVE $100-

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Jul 142014

Thule Bike Racks on Sale! 20% OFF We carry a large selection of Thule Bike racks to fit lots of different kinds of vehicles! Roof Mounts, Hitch Mounts, and Rear Mounts. Call us today or stop by for a quote on which rack will fit your bikes and car so you can travel safely and easily with your bikes mounted on your vehicle.
On Sale this week only… 20% OFF until July 24th.

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Jul 142014

On a rare occasion we will share a secret… This little gem of a lake is about 1/2 the size of Chittenden, and more beautiful than any other place we have paddled in a long, long time. It is a 321 acre body of water with an almost entirely undeveloped shoreline. Lots of bays and islands to explore and more loons than we have ever seen in one spot. The water was really clean and great for swimming. No invasive species so far, so be careful not to bring any in! Lots of private spots to picnic, well worth the 1+ hour drive, so scenic and peaceful. Highly recommended!

Route 4 East to NH, 89 South to Exit 17, Route 4 East to Route 4A, take Right on 4A (follow signs to Shaker Village Museum) go beyond Mascoma Lake, through town a mile or two and watch for Grafton Pond Road on the left.

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Jul 142014

We love to sail so here’s a nice shot of our sailboat!
when we are gone on Sundays and Mondays…. this is where we are!
Open Tuesday through Fridays 10 -6, and Saturdays 10 – 4.
Summer is short and sweet! Enjoy every minute you can!

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Jul 142014

Another fun ocean activity we did is suppin’ and kayaking in the surf!
Beware of the shore break though! We land lubbers can get munched pretty quick!
The Hurricane Skimmer Sit on top that we carry was perfect for this!
It comes in an 11′ 6″ or 12′ 8″ length and is perfect for sliding on or off easily in the surf or on our lakes and ponds. Makes that ‘claustrophobic’ feeling of a small cockpit disappear! Great for kids to use as a raft, older folks to use who have limited mobility, you can just sit on it sideways and your in! ready for a fun day on the lake! they handle surprisingly well, have great glide and are the lightest weight sit on tops on the market.

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