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Mountain Travelers Hike and Ski Shop

147 US Route 4 East, Rutland, VT 05701


e-mail: info@mtntravelers.com


Our Specialties Include:

Telemark Skiing

   Alpine Touring Skiing

Backcountry / XC Skiing


Technical Outdoor Clothing

Hiking and Trail Shoes

Packs, Tents and Sleeping Bags

Thule Car Racks


Stand Up Paddleboards


favorite old website imagesSki Shots - 006…. this is our 40th year!

In Winter: We are specialists in Telemark , Backcountry and Alpine Touring Skiing… We began ‘bending a knee in ’73’ and it has been our passion ever since. We ‘talk Tele’ and ‘AT’  like no other shop in the area. We know all about “earning your turns”,  and can teach you all about the ‘uphill’ … and the downhill, on ‘free heel’   ski equipment. We sell  Telemark,  Alpine Touring,  and Metal Edged Back Country Skis,  Boots and Bindings, as well as climbing skins, and Atlas Snowshoes.  We carry technical outdoor clothing  by Patagonia, The North Face, Ibex, and Kuhl,  for comfort and warmth on all your winter adventures.  

In Summer: We offer flatwater kayaks, by Hurricane, Wilderness Systems and Perception, custom fit to each paddlers use,  from small mountain ponds to coastal waterways. Back this season, we have Stand Up Paddleboards, the newest fun adventure sport for a summer workout or just cruising around. We  also have a Thule rack specialist who can recommend and install a car or truck rack on your vehicle to carry anything from cargo boxes, to skis, to bikes, to boats and ladders…We have hiking and camping footwear and gear, tents, packs and sleeping bags.  We have a downstairs showroom year round.

Blue Bird Day on top of Snowdon

Our  Winter  Shop  Hours  are:

 Monday, Tuesday  –  Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10:00 – 6:00

  Sunday 12:00 – 4:00

   CLOSED …Wednesdays… to ski !          


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Feb 022016


This is a cool shot of Stratton, to the South, from the top of Killington. Peter is at Stratton this week for our annual chance to test all next years new skis, boots, and bindings. Manufacturers Reps from across the northeast gather to show off their gear and get the dealers to try them out. (Hoping for orders!) It’s always a fun event to see what’s new and spend the day trying new equipment.

The weather is supposed to be heavy rain and high winds, so it will be an interesting day to try to keep dry.  The industry just dosn’t seem to get a break this year. We are still hoping for a good turn around for February and March which are….traditionally the snowiest months of the year. There’s still lots of good skiing to be had. Pico was the best of the season last Sunday. They opened the Pike with nice deep mounds of soft , edge-able, man  made snow that was awesome! The sun even came out, and it was 40 degrees, it was delightful! Good friends and great turns!


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Jan 232016

Today was cold and crystal clear. This skyline was absolutely beautiful! A yellow and turquoise sky over our mountain view to the north was the highlight of my day! This was taken this morning 1/23, from the middle of  Sunset on Pico, overlooking Chittenden and Lefferts, out to Sugarbush and Stowe to the north.  We could see Franconia Ridge to the east, and the Adirondacks to the west. Pico has the best views in the area and the skiing was hard and fast up high,  with perfect groomed corduroy throughout most of the area. So great to be out! How lucky are we to have this in our back yard!

JK on Pico

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Jan 182016

photo 2


Telemark and Alpine Touring Skiers are excited to finally have some natural conditions for uphill travel, “Skinning”. Pico has 2000 ft of climbing, and has seen a big increase in interest, as has Killington. Early birds are reaching the top at sunrise, and today they got the bonus, of fresh tracks, and 6″-10″ of  cold smoke powder! We like to get out there when the mountain is not in operation, enjoy the aerobic, uphill workout, and beat the crowds, with a beautiful, private run, all to yourself & your “skinning buddies”.

‘Uphill Travel’ passes are required, but easy to obtain at the ticket window at Pico or Killington. They are free to passholders, and only $20 for the season for ‘non’ passholders. A liability waiver for the mountain. They do have designated routes they hope you will travel on, to help with the ‘downhill traffic’, as well as the ‘mountain operations.’ We feel priveledged they are allowing us on the mountain to enjoy this activity.

We have a full selection of Telemark and Alpine Touring equipment with an ‘expert’ uphill traveler, to assist you in your choices,  if you need some advice with skis, boots, or bindings. Peter K. has mounted and ‘trimmed’ literally hundreds of skis and climbing skins, and has the knowledge to give you a full presentation on the gear. We carry the skins, adjustable poles, ski packs, and all the quick dry layers, needed for that aerobic workout you’ve been looking for.

Get out and enjoy…    The UPHILL as well as the DOWNHILL !!


photo 3

Peter K. pushing the limits on Pico.

For ‘skinning’ he likes the G3 Ion binding, for ‘AT’…   and the Twenty Two Designs Axl, or  BD O1’s, free pivot bindings, for Tele. K2 Pinnacles are his ski of choice so far this year, and he has always preferred Scarpa T2’s for boots.

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Jan 102016


Pico finally opened to the top yesterday, and we had some great runs early, up on 49’er.  KA opened later in the day. The conditions were a beautiful groomed corduroy, and we literally had the place to ourselves. It was a pleasure.

Today we got out for 7 runs in the rain. The first 3 were a light misty rain, so we hardly got wet and the skiing on ‘The Golden’ was fabulous! The next 3 runs got wetter and wetter, and the 7th was when out gloves got soaked and our hands got miserable cold. That was enough of that, but it was definitely worth getting out and getting some exercise. We hear they closed down altogether this afternoon due to the heavy rain.

Here in town things are clearing up, so the worst of the wind and rain seems to be behind us. Monday through next weekend look much colder with more seasonable temps in the 20’s during the day and teens at night, so that will give Killington and Pico a chance to re-group, get some snow made, and bring the surface back.

We have been totally impressed with the conditions, considering… they do a great job!

Thank you! Snowmakers! We appreciate all the effort and hard work you do for us … so we can play!


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Dec 172015

Merry Christmas to all  !!



We’re all feeling a little nervous about the weather patterns this month…

It looks like we might get a snow making window for a couple of nights this weekend.

As of yesterday, Killington had patched together a top to bottom run off the K1.

The skiing was actually pretty good up on the North Ridge triple area.

Peter skied day 14 yesterday, and got a few decent runs in on Skyelark. Heavy sugar and plate.

He’s been on the new K2 Pinnacle 95 skis. They handled the wide variety of snow surfaces well

making both parallel and tele turns.


Come on Santa… bring us some snow …  so we can have a White Christmas and go skiing!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!



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