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Thanksgiving Day ' ski out the back door' 2014


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In WintSki Shots - 006er: We are specialists in Telemark , Backcountry, and Alpine Touring Skiing… We began ‘bending a knee in ’73’ , and it has been our passion ever since. We ‘talk Tele’ and ‘AT’  like no other shop in the area. We know all about “earning your turns”,  and can teach you all about the ‘uphill’ … and the downhill, on ‘free heel’   ski equipment. We sell  Telemark,  Alpine Touring,  and Metal Edged Back Country Skis,  Boots and Bindings, as well as climbing skins, and Atlas Snowshoes.  We carry technical outdoor clothing  by Patagonia, and The North Face,  for comfort and warmth on all your outdoor winter adventures.  

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In Summfavorite old website imageser: We offer flatwater kayaks, by Hurricane, Wilderness Systems and Perception, custom fit to each paddlers use,  from small mountain ponds to coastal waterways. We have Stand Up Paddleboards, by Michael Dolsey, the newest fun adventure sport for a summer workout or just cruising around. We  also have a Thule rack specialist who can recommend and install a car or truck rack, on your vehicle, to carry anything from cargo boxes, to skis, to bikes, to boats and ladders…We have hiking and camping footwear and gear, tents, packs and sleeping bags.  We have a downstairs showroom year round.

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Feb 132017

Again… The West is the best… Our son Michael is getting the goods out  in BC at Kicking Horse. Lucky Dog!


But for those of us who Love to ‘Ski the East’ … WE finally get a good 10″ storm !! Yea us! This morning at Pico couldn’t get any better. We got early runs on Karl’s and the Pike, and Birch Glades that were the moments we’ve been waiting for. All through the January rains we kept telling customers that February and March are the snowiest months. We still have a chance for a decent winter. Another month of cold and snow. Get out and enjoy it!


Ok ! it’s true! I have locked my heels again for the first time in 25 years! Yesterday we did a nice hour long ‘alpine touring’ uphill skin and ski down and I did great. Today locking my heels for the first time, downhill, OOOO  It was not pretty! I was in the backseat! like you wouldn’t believe! trying desperately to find my balance, it was crazy! Finally Peter gave me some tips to steer that down hill ski around better. Jeezum… Stand on that big toe! and get it around. Holy deep snow and locked heels… Batman! I felt like a beginner! I couldn’t find my sweet spot! Yikes!

Actually once I got on to easier terrain I really did pretty good. I didn’t really forget how… just a little rusty! well… a lot rusty. But at least I tried it. Reaffirming that I am, and probably always will be, a ‘free heel skier’. Gimme back my ‘square toes’ and my ‘free heel’!  I felt like a fish out of water!

This year more than any other, Peter has embraced all three diciplines… Tele, NTN, and A T. It’s important to him to be able to relate to all, and explore the differences, equipment and skiing styles. He’s liking them all! for different days and snow conditions, and of course big mountain skiing. It makes total sense to be able to lock your heel in certain circumstances, especially steeps and deeps! He’s finding which… is the right tool for the job.

As always we offer the best in ‘old school’, ‘square toe’ Tele … still available in the industry. Scarpa and Scott traditional 3 pin boots, and NTN for Telemark.  When it come to ‘Randonne’  we have  Scarpa and Dynafit lightweight Alpine Touring  boots and bindings for those alpine skiers who want to earn their turns.  We still have a good selection and a long season to go.

35 days til spring! Make the  most of it!

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Jan 072017

Ski reports have been all across the board this week, from cream cheese to cold smoke. Both days were unexpectedly great! Wednesday was pouring  rain in town and it never rained on the hill. Killington surprised them all with a consistant ‘hero, ego snow’. A  3″ surface of beautiful frosting on a firm, but not icy base. Lots  of trails were opened up, the Canyon, Needles, and Bear all had great skiing. There were 10 ‘Tele’ skiers out having fun this week.

Peter has skied fresh powder every morning for the last 4 days at Pico. Yesterday he got 7″ on KA from the top, and this morning, Wrangler, Bronco, and Lower Pipeline all surprised him with fresh snow and awesome skiing! And he was still able to get the store open by 10!


I’ve been getting out the back country skis in the meadows down here in the valley, my Madshus Epoch’s with NNN BC boots and bindings have been perfect for the 2-3 inches of snow and occasional ‘fast grass’. It has been great for me to get out on the XC skis and get my heart rate up, enjoy the views and get a short work out in before work too.

Get out and enjoy the snow!


This was a stunningly beautiful morning in town, 11 degrees, and sunny with the snow sparkling like diamonds!



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Dec 292016

swtrstorefrontnightWe love when we get a full on….Winter Storm Warning! Thursday 10 am – Friday noon! Bring on the Snow Plows!

Looks like we are in for at least a foot in the mountains by Friday morning. Yea Us! We’ve been needing a real old fashioned snow storm to get all the natural trails open on the mountain, as well as getting all the back country trails and skiing ‘out the back door’ … fields and forest, trails in shape. Cross Country skiers and Snowshoer’s will be happy to finally be able to get out and have some fun! Just in time for the end of vacation week to make everybody happy!

Being vacation week I know I will be heading out on my nordic skis to find some peace and quiet. Peter will likely be hitting the first chair on Pico to get in as many runs as he can before work. Hope you all get a chance to get out there and enjoy this fresh snowstorm!



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Dec 212016

What a great couple of weeks of skiing we’ve had! Below is our son Michael on Sunday the 11th. Pico opened on the 10th and we were skiing Summit Glades off the summit on Sunday in 6-8 inches of fresh beautiful snow. No big bumps or scratchy under layer. Just beautiful, natural, ankle deep, fresh powder. We skied Summit Glade and Birch Glades and it was as good as it gets for early season skiing.

Here’s our buddy Murray skiing Great Bear last Wednesday the 14th. Lookin’ Good!


Here is our friend John B. getting the goods a week later at Pico on Giant Killer of all places!


Some people know where to find the secret stashes!


That was before the rain! last Sunday… argghh!

After a thorough soaking of rain on Sunday the mountain is getting back in shape with some really great skiing.

Today we skied Needles and Bear Mountain and it was hard and fast, kind of a sugary, chunky groomed and re-groomed surface, but very edge-able and fun.  The terrain is limited again, with no natural snow terrain open, but they are opening all the main trails as fast as they can for the holiday week coming up. Peter and the Wednesday ‘Tele crew’ skiied East Fall, Cascade, and found fresh man made on Wildfire over on Bear and had great skiing.

Holiday week coming up, so a good time to earn some turns, do some nordic, or get out early. Enjoy!


Merry Christmas to all!

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Nov 272016

We did it! It was fantastic! Killington pulled it off!  Huge! The FIS Women’s Ski World Cup !!! Here at our home mountain! It was pretty exciting to witness! The event went off without a hitch!

We never doubted for a minute they could get the snow made! Because nobody is better than Killington at that! The weather didn’t help much, giving them every bit of challenge from warm weather, to rain and fog! We lucked out with a 15+ inch storm the Sunday before, and it was enough to do it! The event was really great! We hope you got to see this ‘once in a lifetime event!’ They built 2 sets of huge VIP grandstands, and a huge, gigantic tent over the umbrella bar tent, media and event tents and structures everywhere. They did awesome! It was impressive!


I watched the GS on NBC sports on Saturday and was so inspired by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd, and it goes without saying… the racers! The best of the best were here! The cutest little girls you’d ever want to see, just going for it! Micaela Shiffrin came in first place and skied strong and hard to outshine the competition in her home state! Winning the whole weekend! Then there were the Swiss, Italians, Austrians and all the rest that did awesome! They were off each others time by …like, 6400th’s of a second or something like that. The times we all so close. I’ve seen lots of European ski races on TV, but nothing was like seeing it up close and personal and hearing the roar of the crowd!


We heard a few nightmares of lines and bus waits on Saturday, Esp. at Pico,  that made us wary of going at all, but after watching it on TV I had to experience it first hand. So instead of doing the ‘park and ride’ at Pico, I decided to go up the access road as far as I could go. What the heck, I could only get turned away, so I didn’t even leave the house til 7:30, and I was able to drive right up to beyond the Medical building across from Snowshed, was the 2nd to the last to park on the access road, and I got a bus ride up in two minutes, and through security in 1 minute, and was up on the hill 1/2 hr from leaving home. It was seamless. Same thing getting out. 3 minute bus wait and I was out of there. Saw the race, stopped for lunch, and was at work by noon. Couldn’t have been easier!


I climbed half way up the first pitch of Superstar, found a flat spot on a water bar, and got a perfect view of the race. Getting there was no problem at all! I could see from the crest of the hill to the finish line. It was exciting to see! Tremendously talented, world class athletes, on the Tour of their lives! skiing their hearts out! Their were Europeans all around us, speaking all kinds of different languages, here to see their loved ones, little, awesome, twenty somethings just going for it. The crowds were yelling and the cow bells were going off! Flags flying! It was cool. Really fun to see.   Yea! us!  yea! Killington! for a successful event! Bravo!





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